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Knockdown Rebuild vs. Renovate - Which is Right for You?

Looking to revamp your home and stuck between rebuilding and renovating? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

For tens of thousands of Aussies, choosing between renovating and rebuilding their home will be a consideration at some point in their home ownership.

But when it comes to choosing between renovating and rebuilding, which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of each option, as well as the factors that you must consider before choosing between renovating and rebuilding your home.

Factors to Consider when choosing between knockdown rebuild and renovate

Age of the home 

The issues that many homeowners have with older homes extend to both aesthetics and functionality. In cases where age has begun to wear down the core structure of the house, a fresh coat of paint or cosmetic renovation project will not be sufficient to extend the lifespan of the house. As such, building a new home is generally favoured over renovating, when it comes to a home with old bones. 

Extent of desired renovations

Renovations are ideal for targeted changes to parts of the home, like the bathroom, or the kitchen. If your idea for a renovation project is going to cover a vast majority of the property’s spaces, you may want to reconsider going ahead with it. A renovation project is only efficient (costs and results-wise) on a smaller scale, and if you are going to remodel the entire house, you may as well get the best result with a completely new house.

Restrictions on renovationS

Some council areas have restrictions on what you are allowed to change in your home. The more extensive your renovation, the higher the chances are that you may run into some problems obtaining the necessary permits to go ahead with it. This is mainly applicable for structural changes to the building, as these could potentially lead to the development of structural issues.

Timeframe for completing the project

Timeframes for renovation project completion will usually be much shorter than building a new home, owing to the fact that the former is a modification to the existing property, while the latter involves constructing the home from scratch. Keep in mind that most simple renovations can take from a few weeks to a month to complete, while knockdown rebuilds or new builds can take up to a year or more.

How long you intend to live in the property

If you are choosing to live in the property as your forever home, then a knockdown rebuild should be your choice. Knockdown rebuilds give you the opportunity to create a home that perfectly suits your needs and preferences and will provide a brand new property upon completion. Conversely, if you have plans to move elsewhere sometime in the late future, a quicker and cheaper renovation project may be good enough to make the property comfortable in the short term. 

Pros and cons of renovating and rebuilding

Renovating and rebuilding a property each have their own pros and cons, and it will ultimately be up to you as a homeowner to decide which option best suits your needs.

Pros of renovating your home

  • Relatively shorter timeframe
  • Improve selected areas of the home
  • No need to relocate out of the home during building
  • Relatively cheaper option

Cons of renovating your home

  • Building activity be disruptive
  • May not add as much value to your home as you expect
  • Can potentially uncover hidden problems within the home that need fixing

Pros of rebuilding or building a new home

  • Opportunity to create a home that perfectly meets your needs and wants
  • Ability to build a quality home with the latest building materials and technologies
  • Long term investment that offers long-lasting value
  • Cost savings with energy efficient building designs and technology

Cons of rebuilding your home

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Longer project timeframe
  • Need to live elsewhere while it is being rebuilt

Knockdown Rebuild vs. Renovate - Which is Right for You?

So, which is the better option for you, to do a knockdown rebuild or a renovation? In summary, a knockdown rebuild for your home is more valuable when you are planning to live in it for a long time, and are willing to invest in a property that meets your needs. Renovations are better suited for smaller changes to certain parts of your home that need a refresh.

At John Munro Builder, we excel at building new homes for homeowners in Townsville. If you are looking to rebuild your home, take a look at our new home designs. Contact us today to find out how we can build the home of your dreams!

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