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Granny Flats Townsville

Premium Granny Flats Townsville

Looking to build a luxury granny flat in Townsville? Perhaps you’re after a demountable home, or a modular home? John Munro is your guy. With over 25 years’ experience building and delivering exceptional properties across North Queensland, John Munro Builder and team are pleased to provide Townsville locals with high-quality, innovative, and long-lasting build, extension, and renovation solutions. 

A fourth-generation Builder, John Munro and his team are well-known for meticulous planning and high attention to detail on every project. Working with John Munro Builder means you won't spend your time worrying about possible complications. Instead, you can sit back, enjoy the value-adding benefits of a luxury, purpose-built granny flat or modular home to your property and let our team take care of the rest.

Whether your granny flat is designed to house elderly relatives, teenage children, an office, or guest accommodation, we’ll make sure both the planning and building process is as smooth as possible. At John Munro Builder, we've successfully partnered with many local residents and businesses to deliver quality extensions and modular homes Townsville-wide for over two decades. Our granny flats are not your typical demountable homes – we specialise in providing high-end, luxury renovations and granny flats in Townsville. 

  • Accommodate a growing family or elderly parents
  • Generate income from short or long-term rentals
  • Add 20-25 per cent value to your existing property
  • Work from home in a custom created space designed to foster productivity
  • Maximise earning potential with low running costs and maintenance



Modular and Demountable Homes for Every Budget

John Munro Builder are the local experts who consistently deliver first-rate results for clients in Northern Queensland. We offer fully tailored, affordable, luxury demountable homes Townsville residents can trust to tick all boxes. Whether your granny flat extension is designed as a permanent residence or short-term rental, our portable homes offer the ultimate in aesthetic design, comfort, and functionality.

Demountable and modular homes offer the owner the ability to design, construct and furnish a granny flat in Townsville with minimum fuss and maximum impact. Depending on the size of your land, our range includes small cabins, and larger, 3–5-bedroom dwellings. We also cater to clients looking for a standard home that is either attached to the primary residence or completely free-standing. 

Whether your family is growing, changing, you need more space, or you're seeking an additional income stream, John Munro Builder should be your first port of call for the finest granny flats Townsville-wide. 

Choose John Munro to Build Your Granny Flat

Building a luxury granny flat can add value to your property, generate an income stream, and even offer tax deductions and negative gearing options. A granny flat will benefit you financially; it can also play a key role in improved family life and dynamics. Keeping your growing children close or supporting aging parents can enrich life and create a happy family environment for all generations. 

However, John Munro Builder are not your average granny flat providers. We specialise in builds and construction that provide the client with high-end results. Our purpose-built granny flats offer a luxurious retreat from the main house.

With over two decades of experience in the Townsville area, John Munro Builder are more than qualified to take care of your granny flat conversion. In whatever form you choose to build, our extension options offer the very best modular and demountable homes Townsville has to offer.

We're Townsville locals who take the task of extending, renovating, or building a new granny flat with the seriousness it deserves. From the moment you engage the services of John Munro Builder, we aim to make the whole process, from concept to completion, as streamlined, quick, and smooth sailing as possible. 

Over the past 25 years, we've established ourselves as the premier builder of modular homes, portable homes, and granny flats Townsville-wide with many happy customers. As a full-service provider, we operate with a team of members equipped to guide you through the planning, designing, and building process of each property.

Ready to turn your dreams into a reality? Contact the John Munro team directly on 07 4440 5211 to learn more about what we can do for you, and organise a free quote. We can't wait to help you make the most of your property! 

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