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What is a Raked Ceiling?

If you’re in the midst of building a new home or renovating your existing one, you’ve likely come to learn a little bit about ceiling styles and how the right ceiling can benefit your space. So, what is a raked ceiling? What are the differences between a raked, flat, and cathedral ceiling? And what are the benefits of having a raked ceiling in your home? 

What is a raked ceiling?

A raked ceiling, otherwise known as a vaulted ceiling, refers to when the ceiling soars above the room to merge at a single point. Raked ceilings follow the structure of the roof to provide additional height above your room. Unlike your typical flat ceiling, raked ceilings follow the beams and trusses in the house, rather than being flat.

Historically, raked ceilings were a sign of affluence, as they were designed to make spaces appear large, lofty, and require more heating than flat roof rooms. Today, you’ll find raked ceilings in contemporary, traditional, and all types of homes. Raked ceilings make a fantastic design feature, amongst other benefits.

The different types of raked ceilings

When it comes to choosing a raked ceiling for your home, there are two options: 

  1. A singular rake, in this instance, the highest point of the ceiling is to one side, creating an angled roofline.
  2. The double-raked ceiling, where the two parts meet at a centre point, like a tent.

A raked ceiling gives a cathedral-like feel to your room, soaring above your hosting areas with grandeur. 

The benefits of a raked ceiling

  1. Makes a room feel more spacious

If you have limited space to work with, raked ceilings are great for making each room feel much larger. By tracing the shape of the roof, the ceiling instantly makes areas feel bigger and airier. Capitalising on the wasted space of the roof gives it a better sense of depth. Raked ceilings work best above open plan areas.

  1. Allows more light in 

The extra space offered by a raked ceiling offers more surface area, allowing light to stream in, radiate through, and bounce across the roof, walls, and objects in the room. The end result? A drastically well-lit room when compared to if it were constructed with a flat roof. Raked ceilings reflect both natural and artificial light, making your room feel even brighter. 

  1. Elevate the impression of your home

A raked ceiling is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of grandeur to their home. By turning a regular space into something far more elegant, you will rejuvenate the overall feeling in your home. Moreover, raked ceilings demand little styling for the rest of the room, as their shape will do most of the talking on its own.

  1. Helps to regulate temperatures & keep your home cool

A raked ceiling can help to provide a comfortable space in the hot Australian summer. Raked ceilings improve the airflow of a space, as the hot summer air rises to the roof, and out through overhead windows or ventilation. The extra space above the room is great for keeping hot air out of the living space, leaving you with a less stuffy room, when compared those fitted with a flat ceiling. 

Considerations with your raked ceiling

One important consideration to make when choosing the right ceiling is energy efficiency. The additional space in your home with a raked ceiling can come with its own set of downsides. The extra space may mean higher energy bills during the winter months for central heating. If you are budget conscious about your power bill, then it is worth considering whether a raked ceiling is appropriate for you. 

Secondly, a raked or vaulted ceiling is a statement enough in its own right. It’s important to remember not to overdo the interior decorating with a raked ceiling, or your space will feel suffocating and cluttered.

Thirdly, raked ceilings work best with open plan living spaces. Large, open spaces will allow you to fully capitalise on the benefits of a raked ceiling.

Finally, your home’s orientation and location are critical factors when selecting a raked ceiling. The space will need to be orientated correctly in order to capitalise on the mist of the natural light. Also, if you are located between two taller buildings, this may block the light received through a raked ceiling with windows.

Build your dream home with John Munro Builder 

If you are considering a raked ceiling on your home, get in touch with one of our home builder consultants today to work out how we can incorporate one into your floorplan.

Building your dream home is an exciting process, but full of challenges. The team at John Munro Builder will be there to make your dream a reality. Building is just as much about the journey as the end result, and our team puts all their effort into your projects. From the first design consultation to final fittings and the finish, experience the John Munro difference today with the builders Townsville trusts.

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